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State Farm, Marketing Analyst, 2013—Current

Responsible for State Farm Insurance’s Integrated Customer Platform (ICP) Creative team, with a focus on marketing content projects and related ICP efforts. Other responsibilities include:

  • Development and implementation of marketing programs or projects that support organizational marketing objectives
  • Analyze market conditions, develop marketing forecasts, estimate, costs, conduct marketing tests, etc
  • Plan, create, produce marketing communications and/or promotional materials to implement marketing projects and programs
  • Coordinate and develop communication strategies and messages for customer audience
  • Develop application from customer profiling, segmentation, geographic analysis, customer retention and customer acquisition methodologies
  • Collect and analyzes data to identify market trends and potentials, user biases and preferences, etc.
  • Integrate our marketing strategies with our web strategies
  • Translate consumer research and web analytics into insights and strategic plans
  • Develop creative strategy briefs
  • Provide creative feedback on UX designs
  • Serve as a key decision maker and escalation point in regard to approving customer experience design decisions within scope of the assignment
  • Collaborating with our design agencies, IT, and internal business partners

Illinois State University, Assistant Director, University Marketing, 2009—Current

Developed various marketing plans, creative campaigns, and social media programs designed to increase student and alumni engagement and annual gifts. Accomplishments include:

  • Designed inbound marketing strategy to increase alumni and student engagement through and lead a team to implement the strategy across the University’s Web presence and social networks that:
    • resulted in a 250% increase in visits to our website over 2012.
    • resulted in a 400% increase in the articles read over 2012.
  • Developed and executed a social media strategy designed to increase alumni and student engagement.
  • Developed and executeda integrated, multi-channel marketing campaign designed to increase annual gifts that:
    • in FY2012, increased gifts through direct mail by 85% while increasing overall donors by 4%.
    • in FY2013, increased gifts through direct mail by 67% while increasing overall donors by 5%.
  • Developed and implemented a analytic strategy designed to track engagement and the return on investment (ROI) of various University marketing campaigns and social media programs.
  • Developed creative concepts and designs for various multi-channel micro marketing campaigns.
  • Aided in the development, implementation, and evolution of the Illinois State University brand.
  • Aided colleges, schools, departments, and units of Illinois State University to incorporate new media, including social media, into their marketing efforts

Other skills utilized: employee management, estimating, audience analysis, project management. account management.

@Midwest, Vice-Chairperson, 2011—Current

Organized and lead a board of volunteers in the planning, development, and execution of a social media conference targeting small to medium-sized business in the Midwest. Accomplishments include:

  • Developed the identity, brand strategy, and statistics for measuring conference success.
  • Developed and implemented a strategic marketing plan for the conference.
    • Resulted in a 10% growth in attendance each year.
    • Resulted in reaching an international audience.
  • Developed and planned conference sessions.
  • Recruited the conference speakers.
  • Spoke at various sessions on social media.

Freelance Designer, 1991 – Current

Developed creative, user-driven graphic designs for local and regional accounts.

A partial list of clients includes Precision Planting, Moving Forward, Long Custom Building and Remodeling, Hoeffecker Homes, Solid Rock Farms, 4Insights, Aymond and Associates,,, WM Putnam.

Illinois State University, Adjunct Professor, 2007—2009

Taught ART 302, Graphic Design for the Web.

Illinois State University, Lead Designer, Web Support, 2002—2009

Supervised a team of designers, writers, and programmers in the planning, development and implementation of audience-driven websites that focused on user experience. Websites complied to the WC3 web standards and Section 508 accessibility standards while maintaining the Illinois State University brand. Accomplishments include:

  • Development of an “eStoryboard” to streamline the construction of websites
  • Development of an integrated digital marketing plan for brand consistency

Skills utilized: User interface design, audience analysis, content strategizing, market analysis, analytic tracking, project management, employee management, department budgeting, strategic planning

CS&A Marketing & Communication, Art Director, 1992 – 2002

Developed creative, user-driven graphic designs for regional, national and international accounts—including Fortune 50 companies. Accomplishments include:

  • Researched, developed, and implemented integration marketing plans
  • Developed and implemented creative concepts for various mediums, including: brochures, annual reports, package design, catalogs, postcards, direct mail, advertisements, posters, T-shirts, logos, stationary, announcements, signage, folders, videos, radio commercials, websites, and kiosks
  • Utilized Google Analytic to track engagement and ROI
  • Implemented SEO for effective inbound marketing
  • Skills utilized: project coordination, photo and video direction, account management and budgeting

A partial list of clients included; General Electric, Honeywell, St. Farm, Caterpillar, Country (IAA Trust), Lend Lease (Yarmouth Group), Lechler, State of Illinois, Paradise Riverboat Casino, College Hills Mall, Precision Planting, Yetter
Manufacturing, Children’s Discovery Museum, and Miller Park Zoo.

Heartland Community College, Community Education Instructor and Adjunct Instructor, 1996 – 2000

Taught adult education classes in various graphic and web design tools

United States Army Reserves, Petroleum Supply Specialist and Biological/Chemical Weapons, Specialist, Grade: E-4, 1988 – 1994.

Supervised the petroleum distribution for the battalion and managed the supply and weapon distribution for the company. Cross trained in biological and chemical weapon identification and clean up.